Friday, March 9, 2007

Traffic Exchange Issues

One reader writes:

Some top online marketers make a big deal about traffic exchanges for online marketing. I have read everything I can about the topic yet, I'm finding it very difficult to get anywhere meaningful. I've hit a wall with this. I've had no success with traffic exchanges at all so far.

Many websites have a F.A.Q. but do not clearly state how to really get started. I'm still waiting for replies to my questions about this as I write this. I've taken the time to build a fantastic website but I'm stuck until I work out how to build my traffic exchanges.

Any help is sincerely appreciated.

We admit that we do not like traffic exchanges at all, as they can be extremely time-consuming to learn - and for some people, impossible. TEs do, however, work in driving traffic to your site on a steady basis, and, if you create the right offer, you can have some very nice success using traffic exchanges. One product we really like that teaches how to market to traffic exchanges - not how to use them, but how to market to them - is "Zero to Fifty in Thirty Days." It's only $7 and well worth the price, as it provides a neat business blueprint that practically everyone can follow. If nothing else, this one ebook can serve as a great start for learning about internet marketing, as it provides a very timeless and well-documented business plan.

And, if you really want to use traffic exchanges but don't want to learn from it, there are certain companies that will deliver TE traffic for $10 for a thousand hits. Again, if you have the right offer, you might benefit from such cheap and somewhat targeted traffic. Not highly targeted, as the people who will be visiting your site are not simply surfing the net and are not looking for anything in specific, although they are open to money-making offers in general.

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