Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Project Black Mask Review

We really like everything that Chris McNeeney produces, from Affiliate Project X to Day Job Killer to Project Black Mask. We didn't go to the head of the class with his products and make a killing in internet marketing, although we have had some interesting successes in affiliate marketing based in part on some of his methods and insights.

We will learn from Chris's latest product as well, but...we have to say that many people are simply not going to like Project Black Mask at all. Although we'd love to have the commission, we're not really going to try to sell you this product, so we'll tell you like it is. If you decide to buy it through this site or anywhere else after reading this review, we wish you the best of luck!

First of all, there's no doubt that Chris has accomplished some truly astounding things within the field of internet marketing. That in itself is amazing, considering how intelligent, determined and fierce is the competition. So, nothing he produces is not worth the time. And, certainly, getting people to think about Adsense income is probably always a sure-fire hit.

However, this product, Project Black Mask, is most definitely not for the faint-hearted or for anyone who wishes to keep his or her personal Adsense account. The meat of PBM includes the "black hat" seo strategy of spamming the search engines, which will also get your sites deindexed in a hurry. In PBM, Chris turns to notorious "Black Hatter" Alex Goad, who recommends building mass-generated content sites and putting up Adsense - a very old trick that's been around pretty much since the beginning of Adsense.

However, building mass-generated sites may work for a while, but Google will find them and cancel your Adsense account. If you don't care and have all the time in the world, you can open an account at Yahoo, MSN or another publisher network.

The hype and allure of the black-hat payoff all sounds great, but how do you keep from getting your Adsense account canceled? Google's been very much onto this exact same problem of spamming the search engines for quite a while, and this month, rumor has it, they began canceling accounts en masse for this particular problem. And then there's the problem with deindexing - you won't get much traffic if Google catches you and removes your sites from their index.

In PBM, Chris also daringly goes into the very black-hat SEO method called "cloaking." This one will get you banned faster than any other. If you value your Adsense account and any of your websites, don't do it. However, if you are curious as to what cloaking is and how people use it, then you've come to the right source with Project Black Mask. There's no doubt about it, you can learn Black Hat methods from Project Black Mask - and it is advertised as no more or less such a guide.

There's more to PBM than we've gotten to yet. We may cover some other parts down the road, or maybe not. Since most of these methods are designed to bring in traffic, we will say that there are better ways than risking Google's wrath. (Oh, there's this funny little thing about lawsuits and legal actions being taken against spammers as well - MySpace has won a couple of those.) These methods may not be easy to learn but they yield far more results than the search engines. So, in the long run, "It's not about Google." Better to learn how to get away from depending on Google than how to game them.

If you like living on the edge, you will love Project Black Mask. But, you've been warned!

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