Thursday, June 21, 2007

Project Black Mask, Part Deux

Continuing with our review of the latest buzz product, Project Black Mask. Although we personally are not going to be getting involved in spamming search engines, as is the thrust of PBM, there are certain sections of the book that are highly useful.

For example, Alex Goad's writing on developing large keyword lists is some of the best we've seen so far. Certainly some of his material can be used in the "white hat" SEO game, or at least the gray hat.

One thing that kept screaming out at me (Jamie) as I read Project Black Mask is, "What about keeping your Adsense account from being canceled?!" PBM provides no solution to this problem, and I honestly don't think it's worth risking your Adsense account, if you are making any kind of decent money with it. Unless you are a criminal, I can't see any way you could get another Adsense account - and to our knowledge, Google has promised to cancel accounts left and right, if it hasn't already been doing that. We've read about many people having their accounts canceled for what appeared to be much less than spamming the search engines with thousands of pages of computer-generated content.

The keyword lists, however, can be used for different and more ethical purposes - as far as we are concerned, knowing how to developing keyword lists is an essential research tool for internet marketing in general.

Delving into Project Black Mask, I came across this stunning remark regarding cloaking websites in order to send search-engine traffic to them - a big no-no with Google and ethically within the "white hat" community:

...I know at least one of the big name gurus you would all recognize who does exactly this. He has grabbed nearly 40,000 free subscribers and made untold amounts of affiliate commissions from them, all from using cloaked domains.

This guy never talks about black hat. In fact I have even heard him bad mouth it at times. If I told you who it was, you would be shocked.

To be continued...

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